I’m Eric Grimstead and I am a marketing & profit growth strategist based in Bellingham, Washington.

Marketing became my passion while in my second year at the University of Puget Sound after I realized I’d be bored out of my gourd if I majored in accounting (though I do still have a knack with numbers). I’ve counseled hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs while serving my local community as a Small Busienss Development Center advisor. I’m obsessed with what makes entrepreneurs, and their businesses, tick.

I am a down to earth, free-spirit who calls ’em like I see ’em. I’ve been a student of marketing and human psychology for as long as I can remember and will watch a late-night infomercial or read an entire direct mail pitch to look for ‘hooks’ to add to my swipe file or life lessons that can be shared with my clients.

I love classic direct response advertising, ‘reality’ TV shows like Shark Tank and The Profit, and hunting for big bucks (the 4-legged kind). I have studied, and worked with, the likes of Abraham, Halbert, Makepeace, Holmes and a host of others over the years.

Here is s a glimpse into my world and a few of my all-time favorites.

Thanks for listening.